This interface contains an entire 'iq' and 'query' tag and has a series of IXMLFields. These fields are basic xml tags which contain a "field-name" and "field-data". These objects are very useful when dealing with basic "database-type" storage on the server.



ReadField(FieldName: string) [string]
Returns the string data for the associated field name.
SetField(FieldName: string; FieldData: string)
Set the field data for this field. By setting the data to a empty string, the field will NOT be included in the resulting XML when sent using the SEND method. If the field does not already exist, then create a new field.
IsField(FieldName: string) [boolean]
Use this method to check the existance of a field (tag) inside the IJabberIQ. Returns true if the field (tag) exists.
RemoveField(FieldName: string) (NEW)
Remove the specified field from the IQ object.